Wildland Hydrology was established in 1985 by Dave Rosgen and specializes in training courses that focus on fluvial geomorphology, watershed assessment and management, river restoration, and monitoring. The training courses are designed to provide hands-on experience for professionals working with rivers and their watersheds. The course offerings allow individuals to progress through a range of interrelated courses beginning with the fundamentals in Basic Survey Skills and Applied River Morphology and continuing through the more complex River Restoration & Natural Channel Design.

Wildland Hydrology has also assessed, designed, implemented, and monitored over 70 large-scale river restoration projects throughout North America in addition to projects in Africa, Central America, and South America. Recently, Wildland Hydrology developed a master watershed and river restoration plan for the Trail Creek Watershed in Colorado to reduce the accelerated sediment yields following the Hayman Wildfire of 2002. A permit has been issued for the watershed restoration plan to be implemented over 20 years. A similar watershed plan was also developed following a watershed assessment for the basins affected by the Waldo Canyon Wildfire near Colorado Springs in 2012 that destroyed 346 homes. Wildland Hydrology trained federal, state, and local municipalities in the methods to continue implementing the watershed restoration plans.


Dave Rosgen, P.H., Ph.D.

Dave Rosgen, P.H., Ph.D.Dave is a Professional Hydrologist and Geomorphologist with field experience in river work spanning 49 years, 20 of which were with the U.S. Forest Service. Dave has designed and implemented over 70 large-scale river restoration projects. Dave developed a stream classification system, the BANCS streambank erosion model, the FLOWSED/POWERSED sediment transport models, the WARSSS methodology for cumulative watershed assessment, and a geomorphologic approach to Natural Channel Design restoration methodology. Dave utilizes his extensive experience to conduct short courses in watershed management, river morphology, restoration, and wildland hydrology applications. Dave is also the author of Applied River Morphology and Watershed Assessment of River Stability and Sediment Supply (WARSSS) and over 70 reports and articles in research journals, symposia, and federal agency manuals. Dave and his projects have been featured in Time, Science, 5280, National Geographic, The Denver Post, and The New York Times.

Kae Rosgen, Owner

Kae RosgenKae founded Wildland Hydrology in 1985 with Dave and is the behind-the-scenes person responsible for all operations of Wildland Hydrology. She has extensive expertise in event planning, and her coordination of the short courses creates a rich and interactive environment that is conducive for learning. Her acute business and personal skills have propelled Wildland Hydrology as a leading center for river education and as a successful firm conducting river restoration.

Brandon Rosgen, Hydrologist

Brandon  RosgenBrandon graduated from Colorado State University in Watershed Science and has extensive experience in measuring and analyzing streambank erosion, channel stability, and sediment transport in addition to operating construction equipment for river restoration. Brandon has participated in the watershed assessment, design, implementation, and field supervision of numerous large-scale restoration projects, including the Upper Laramie River, Nunn Creek, Ohio Creek, Blue River near Kremmling, Three Forks Ranch, Trail Creek (Hayman Fire), and Waldo Canyon Fire restorations in Colorado and the Heart Rock Ranch restoration in Idaho. Brandon is the instructor for the Basic Survey Skills course and is an assistant for many of the short courses (Levels I-4).

Darcie Geenen, Technical Editor

Darcie Frantila Geenen

Darcie graduated from Michigan Technological University and Colorado State with BS and MS degrees in Scientific and Technical Communication. She contributes to Wildland Hydrology’s professional publications and develops the course materials with the challenge of bridging the gap between fundamental, scientific principles and the applied field applications in a clear and comprehensive manner. She is the editor of the WARSSS textbook and also compiled the River Stability Field Guide. She is currently helping Dave develop the Natural Channel Design for River Restoration textbook.

Lisa Powers, Office Manager

Lisa PowersLisa joined the Wildland Hydrology Team in March of 2022. Lisa graduated from Brescia University with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. She has over 30 years of experience working in areas of business such as accounting, office management, and human resources. She has worked in several industries including coal mining, mechanical engineering, and veterinary accounting services.

Lisa ensures the smooth day-to-day running of the Wildland Hydrology office. Her responsibilities include office management, bookkeeping, student database administration, course registration and planning, and customer support.

Before joining Wildland Hydrology, Lisa worked as an Accountant for a Veterinary Accounting Services Company and an Office Manager for a Specialty Machine Shop. She relocated from Kentucky to Colorado during 2017 and enjoys the outdoors, animals, and spending time with her family.


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