River Assessment Field Guide (third edition)

Author: Dave Rosgen
Illustrator: Hilton Lee Silvey
Technical Editor: Darcie Frantila Geenen

Third Edition contains updated assessment methods that correspond to the upcoming textbook: The Natural Channel Design Approach to River Restoration

318 pages, 200+ pictures/figures, 40+ forms/worksheets

about the River Assessment Field Guide:

  • provides instructions and examples to complete a river assessment comprised of four hierarchical levels
  • evaluates the geomorphic departure of an impaired reach from the functioning condition represented by a reference reach
  • presents applications for watershed assessment, river restoration, aquatic habitat evaluations, and validation and monitoring
  • includes worksheets in Excel format and field forms in PDF format (available to download following purchase)

procedures & techniques included:

  • controlling variable descriptions and evaluations (e.g., riparian vegetation)
  • field survey methods: cross-sections, transverse glides, longitudinal profile, pebble counts, and meander geometry
  • stream classification, fluvial landscape types, pool types, flow hydraulics, morphological ratios, stream type succession scenarios
  • dominant river process and sediment supply evaluations
  • BANCS model to predict total annual streambank erosion
  • sediment competence and entrainment evaluation
  • replicate survey methods for monitoring
  • model validation procedures

Author: Dave Rosgen
Pages: 318


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