River Stability Field Guide and River Stability Forms & Worksheets

Procedures & Techniques Included:

  • Field methods for the morphological description, including cross-sections, longitudinal profile, pebble counts, and meander geometry
  • Stream classification, hydraulic relations, and establishment of dimensionless ratios and morphological data
  • Channel stability rating procedure and stability indices
  • BANCS model to predict total annual streambank erosion
  • Sediment competence/entrainment procedure
  • Overall sediment supply ratings related to specific sources, processes, and locations
  • Monitoring methods to validate the river stability predictions

About the Book of Forms & Worksheets:

  • Contains four sets of full-color forms from the River Stability Field Guide that are separated by reach location
  • Includes a CD-ROM of all worksheets and a free trial of RIVERMorph

Author: Dave Rosgen
Illustrator: Hilton Lee Silvey
Technical Editor: Darcie Frantila Geenen

Second Edition

264 pages, 200+ Pictures/Figures, 40+ Forms/Worksheets

About the River Stability Field Guide:

  • Provides a rapid, portable, visual reference to implement a consistent, quantitative, and comparative river stability assessment
  • Supplements WARSSS - Watershed Assessment of River Stability and Sediment Supply with detailed field procedures and examples to assist field practitioners
  • Includes four levels of assessment to evaluate the multiple processes that are key to maintaining stability using morphological, hydraulic, and sedimentological variables
  • Presents validation methods to improve prediction models and to better understand river processes and response
  • Assesses reach condition for river restoration planning and design purposes


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