Watershed Assessment of River Stability and Sediment Supply (WARSSS) 2nd Edition

684 pages, 380+ Figures, Worksheets, Flowcharts, & Tables

Second Edition includes updated illustrations, worksheets that correspond to the River Stability Field Guide, and an expanded monitoring chapter


  • Implements a three-phase assessment to quickly identify processes and land uses responsible for erosion, channel instability, and disproportionate sediment supply
  • Provides a cumulative watershed impact analysis to prioritize mitigation
  • Developed in partnership with the USEPA for national application for impaired rivers
  • Includes a case study of the Wolf Creek Watershed
  • Includes CD-ROMs of all worksheets and a 45-day free trial of RIVERMorph
  • Presents validation and monitoring methods to improve prediction models and to better understand river processes and response
  • Assesses reach condition for river restoration planning and design purposes

Techniques and Procedures Include:

  • Channel Stability Rating Procedure
  • BANCS Model to predict total annual streambank erosion
  • Road Impact Index to predict delivered annual source sediment
  • FLOWSED model to predict total annual sediment yield
  • POWERSED model to predict sediment transport capacity
  • Sediment competence procedure
  • Overall sediment supply ratings related to specific sources, processes, and locations

Author: Dave Rosgen


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